You’re healthy. You take care of yourself. But after hitting forty, you’ve started to notice some things just aren’t the way they used to be.

Say no more. We totally get it. And that’s why we created Ritual, a range of low-dose cannabis edibles formulated for women.

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A new way to unwind. Without coming undone.

Have you started noticing days when you don’t feel as spry as you used to? Ritual’s low-dose cannabis edibles can help – without the downsides of alcohol.

Early Bird. Night Owl.

Or somewhere in between.

Find you’re most productive in the morning? Or that creativity strikes late at night? No matter what time of day you hit your stride, Ritual’s here to help you develop – and maintain – a routine that harmonizes your body’s clock to the demands of a 9-5 world. And you’ll feel pretty damn good about it.

When do you come to life?

Patty Howard

Georgia Pothier

Jenny Smith

Who We Are

Created by three women. For women everywhere.

As successful female business owners from Atlantic Canada, we know a thing or two about stress. And the need for stress relief.

Patty Howard is the owner of the well-known catering company, Kitchen Door Catering, and is the brain trust behind Ritual’s recipes.

Georgia Pothier is a natural-born entrepreneur and savvy saleswoman. Most recently, Georgia sold her business, Always Home Homecare, in a multi-million-dollar sale. Georgia’s focused on sales, relationships, and financials at Ritual.

Jenny Smith is an award-winning Creative Director of Ray – an advertising agency based in St. John’s, NL. Jenny handles branding, marketing, packaging and communications strategy, plus any other creative required for our line of products.

Huge demand for low-dose edibles.

Consumer research shows that 11% of the population already consumes edibles, and an additional 13% are expected to buy them. Part of the reason? Cannabis edibles simply don’t carry the same stigma that smoking cannabis does.

Happy you. Happy life.

East coast vibes are strong at Ritual.

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As Atlantic Canadians, laid-back friendliness is in our blood. And it’s infused into every part of our business. Come visit our Nova Scotia-based operations and you’ll discover a down-to-earth place (and people) with drive, authenticity and passion to spare.

As Canadians, we’re proud that Canada has quickly established itself as a leader in the cannabis industry. And as part of this vanguard, we see it as our duty to operate with the highest integrity and reliability.

Sound like hard work? Don’t worry. We’ve developed a few ways to chill out.

We are striking relationships with the best people in North America because we know that this industry is growing thanks to smart innovators that drive us forward.

Contact us to find out more about what we have to offer.